Flux simplifies batch and file processes through its file orchestration technology.

Flux integrates workflow, managed file transfer, monitoring, job scheduling, redundancy, and error handling.

For cloud and on-premise deployments.

  • Create and control file and batch processes through our drag and drop designer, Java and REST API, and web operations console
  • Improve customer response times and IT resource utilization with real-time, event-driven automation
  • Schedule jobs across multiple operating systems, packaged and in-house applications
  • Reduce manual interventions and errors via automated response to exceptional events
  • Align views of IT processes with the business by correlating job names and activity to business-relevant names and categories
  • Reduce problem resolution times with proactive intervention and remediation of problems
  • Reduce and standardize IT staff maintenance tasks allowing staff to work on other more important projects
  • Integrated web workflow designer and operation console. Comprehensive Java programming interface, Rest API and command line support
  • Managed file transfer supporting FTP, SFTP, FTPS, UNC, and SMB
  • Powerful workflow engine supporting conditional branching, dependencies, looping, parallelism, splits, and joins
  • Enterprise integration support for databases and web services. Support for calling external processes. Distribute processing with Flux agents or commands over SSH.
  • Job scheduling using relative and absolute time, database conditions, web service calls, file existence, and arriving mail
  • Can be embedded into OEM applications. Host on-premise or in private clouds
  • Licensed perpetually with annual support and maintenance, or annually via subscriptions
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