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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Automate Batch and File Processes

Flux Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Job Scheduling + Workflow

MFT + File Orchestration

Error Handling + Redundancy

Cloud + On-Premise Deployments

Flux automates files that:

  • Need to be transferred unattended to reduce processing time and expense, increase reliability, and meet service level agreements.
  • Need to be transferred in a secure and reliable manner among different platforms and systems.
  • Need to be moved between many different functions running on a variety of platforms and machines.

Flux schedules processes that:

  • Need to flow through processes that are time-driven, process-driven, or manually triggered, and may have many workflow dependencies.
  • Need to be processed with the same programs and same (or varying) parameters, ensuring data integrity and consistency of processing.
  • Require flexible processing that includes scripting, command lines, REST, and Java.
flux job scheduling and file transfer

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