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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Flux Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Automate Batch and File Processes

Job Scheduling + Workflow

MFT + File Orchestration

Error Handling + Redundancy

Cloud + On-Premise Deployments



Flux is 100% Java, cross-platform, and supports on-premise and cloud service deployments, such as Amazon EC2. The platform’s lightweight footprint makes Flux ideal for embedding in your applications.


Built on a resilient and unique peer-to-peer architecture, Flux inherently offers scalability, failover, high availability and load balancing, optimizing workload performance and uptime. With Flux, there is no single point of failure.


Flux offers enterprise class functionality at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Highlighted by an uncomplicated licensing and renewal process, Flux is a perfect fit for large enterprises and small project budgets alike.

Get Going Fast – With No Code

Design and monitor multi-step workflows using a drag-and-drop visual interface – complete with dependencies, conditional branching, and looping – right from your web browser.


No desktop client needed. No programming required.

flux job scheduling and file transfer

Use Cases


Flux automates the sending and retrieving of files between applications, your clients, vendors, and business partners via a simplified managed file transfer environment that efficiently integrates with other systems, applications, and databases. By ensuring that complex file processing tasks execute on time, in order, and complete successfully, Flux reduces errors and improves timeliness over manual methods.


Flux’s workflow engine supports simple or intricate automated workflows using a powerful state machine model. Quickly define workflow steps that contain conditional branching, dependencies, looping, parallelism, splits, and joins. Flux’s unique clustering technology, load balancing, and sophisticated error recovery features create a highly redundant and scalable environment for the processing of thousands of workflows.

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