Store workflows and configurations in the Flux Repository

Edit, Verify, and Promote Flux workflows and configurations The Flux Repository is a storage space in the Operations Console for template workflows and other useful components in Flux like an engine or agent configuration. Once a workflow is saved to the Repository, it’s available for editing at any time by any user with sufficient permissions […]

November 25, 2015 Blog

Flux visual designer makes workflow creation simple

With Flux, to design multi-step workflows — complete with dependencies, conditional branching, and looping — you don’t need to be a software developer. Drag-and-drop visual workflow creation defines workflows without scripting and allows staff to visualize workflow logic, without having to resort to complex and non-intuitive scripting.     Actions, triggers, and other processes are […]

November 5, 2015 Blog

Making Flux workflow’s reusable

One of the most popular features of Flux is the ability to make workflows reusable by using namespaces and runtime variables. The Flux engine, at the time a workflow is submitted to an engine namespace, assigns values to workflows designed with runtime variables. Workflow runtime variables receive the values of namespace variables, making the workflows […]

October 22, 2015 Blog

Flux can use TSQL and Stored Procedures to schedule database jobs

Recently, an IT Consulting Service asked Flux about how the Flux job scheduler interacts with a database. The main question that was asked was: can Flux schedule database jobs by using TSQL or Stored Procedures for databases such as SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Oracle? And also, what type of database level details can Flux […]

October 15, 2015 Blog

Flux orchestrates over 500 scripts for retail SaaS provider

Flux recently helped a large retail SaaS provider migrate 500+ shell scripts to Flux 8.0. Automating a few batch scripts is easy.  Keeping track of over 500 is a bit more of a challenge. The workflows were easy — timed events coordinated across a dozen time zones triggering existing shell scripts (which Flux refers to […]

October 8, 2015 Blog

New updates and features in Flux 8.0.11

Flux 8.0.11 is here, and with it comes a host of performance and usability features: Flux 8.0.11 will now support the compilation and execution of Jasper Reports, a robust and open source Java reporting system that is available with commercial support options from TIBCO. Since Jasper reports can be executed through the command line, they […]

October 1, 2015 Blog

Flux uses workflows to orchestrate EDI

Flux was recently contacted by a company in the B2B EDI business. This company has an algorithm to transform file types, but needs assistance in other areas like workflow, monitoring directories and managing files. Their basic needs from Flux are: Monitor a directory, detect any files needing transfer, move file then delete file. Monitor a remote […]

September 23, 2015 Blog

Flux helps IT teams orchestrate their ETL processes

How Flux manages complex ETL scripting with its file orchestrator Flux recently helped a large media and entertainment company who was looking for assistance orchestrating the execution of their suite of ETL scripts. The company uses Python scripts to run their ETL processes. This M&E company needs to be able to run multiple queries on […]

September 18, 2015 Blog

Customers Are Migrating To Flux 8

A number of long-standing Flux customers  – some running on releases almost ten years old – have recently migrated to Flux 8. One top ten bank recently converted over 100,000 workflows to Flux 8. Flux 8.0.11 supports Java 7 and 8. And as always, Flux continues to develop and publish workflow examples to ease and […]

September 2, 2015 Blog

Flux 8.0.11 — Coming in September

Flux is pleased to announce its upcoming release of Flux 8.0.11. This release includes: Integration with Jasper Reports to provide report creation and scheduling within Flux. The ability to web-provision workflows for immediate and scheduled execution. Numerous usability and performance improvements.

August 27, 2015 Blog on Remote Teams

Insights on creating more efficient remote teams mentions Flux Software Advice, a firm helping businesses simplify the selection process of online project management software, just published new research that includes quotes from Ron Schultz, CEO of Flux regarding Flux’s approach to remote employees / teams. Flux’s file orchestration software is used in enterprises spanning the […]

June 4, 2015 Blog

10 Things Workflow Can Do For You

Planning for Success with Automation As a manager, you’re considering replacing an existing system with an automated workflow platform. Perhaps you’ve found that too much of your time is spent allocating and managing resources for day-to-day tasks, and you aren’t able to spend as much time as you’d prefer focusing on larger business issues. Maybe […]

May 11, 2015 Blog

Scheduling Reports: More than Fire and Forget

Moving beyond Scheduling Reports to Orchestrating Them Scheduling reports is a common use case for job schedulers. Often such scheduling is initially envisioned as a simple matter of setting a timer to fire off a report at a given time. In such cases available open source projects and even Windows Task Scheduler is used. But […]

May 3, 2015 Blog

Agile Workflow Modeling Simplifies Workflow Development

Utilizing the concepts of agile development can provide direction and organization to your workflow development, making it more productive, yielding faster delivery, creating more flexible and reusable workflows, and increasing stakeholder satisfaction. Developing solutions involving workflows is by no means trivial. Workflows can be large, complex, and highly intricate. Often it’s difficult to determine where […]

April 10, 2015 Blog

Getting Control over Multiple File Transfer Solutions

File Orchestration vs. Managed File Transfer Ok, so you’ve figured out managed file transfer. You bought an out-of-the-box solution and – voila! – you’re up and running. It’s now ‘later’, maybe a few months or even years later. You come to realize that not only did you figure out managed file transfer, but other teams […]

October 20, 2014 Blog

10 Things You Should Know to Integrate, Orchestrate, then Celebrate

Enterprise Scheduling and File Transfer Need to Integrate, Orchestrate, and Celebrate Your File Processes? Here’s 10 Things You Should Know. It’s work …whatever industry or environment you work with… sooner or later…. IT WILL CATCH UP TO YOU… Short cuts. Mistakes rushing to meet deadlines. Manual interventions. Struggles maintaining custom code. Late SLAs. No prioritization […]

August 20, 2014 Blog

Enterprise Scheduling

The IT Manager’s Quest for Sleep This is not a story of vagaries and euphemisms. Unfortunately, this story is also often-told. This is a story starting with anguish and suffering. It may end with a happy ending, it may not. But it’s all about you – The IT Manager. You know the story. For all […]

August 12, 2014 Blog

3 Common Mistakes IT Managers Make that Cost Them Dearly

There are several mistakes IT managers make that create major issues that can kill reaching the benefits of enterprise workflows. However, as damaging as these mistakes can be, they’re actually fairly easy to fix – all it takes is a little effort to improve design processes. Here are some of the more common problems along […]

July 29, 2014 Blog

It’s Just a Simple Matter of Programming

The buy vs. build dilemma How did I get into this mess? Sometimes customers come to us when they realize they are being held hostage to internally developed software or processes that address job scheduling and managed file transfers. Over the years they see these turn into a Frankenstein of code and manual interventions. How […]

July 7, 2014 Blog

Automation for Changing Workloads

Flux and ETL One of the Use Cases for Flux Flux is used to create and execute automated workflows that involve a combination of steps and tasks across servers. Flux can initiate time-based schedules, batch jobs through scripting, interface with databases through SQL, and MFT (managed file transfer) activities through support of file transfer protocols […]

July 6, 2014 Blog

Trigger Files – A Common Model to Initiate File Transfers

Simple workflow to initiate adhoc or on-demand file transfers Oftentimes we are asked what is the most effective way to initiate a file transfer. Our answer – it depends! But a common means of initiation is to have some executable process or customer software application prepare a file for transfer – and when that process […]

July 4, 2014 Blog

Monitor Updates (Aug. – Sep. 2014)

New features and bulk workflow operations coming in restyled monitor interface. The Flux Operations Console has served Flux users reasonably well over the years, but as users have scaled their operations to many hundreds and sometimes thousands of workflows, the Operations Console has shown its age. As illustrated below, the existing console does not provide […]

June 24, 2014 Blog

Getting to Done Quickly

Data collection made easy for global healthcare provider using Flux With Growth Comes Added Workflow Complexity As businesses grow, what were once simple tasks often become unmanageable. Handling such growth effectively is a competitive advantage. Data collection tasks that were once simple, straightforward, and easy to manage often spiral in complexity as the business’s customers […]

June 22, 2014 Blog

Can we help? Tell us.

Share with us the contact information for a friend or fellow developer (or even a manager!) who you think could benefit from Flux. We’ll send you one of these cool Flux T-shirts. Tadah!! Just or call us.

January 1, 2014 Blog

Orchestrating the Processing of Digital Media

A common workflow for orchestrating digital media files The nature of digital media varies widely, from check images to digital photos to PDF- formatted contracts and legal documents. Yet the activities performed against digital media are often common and repeated. These repeatable activities are best expressed as a workflow — and often as a set […]

April 29, 2013 Blog

Five Best Practices in Managed File Transfer

Must-Haves for Trouble-Free File Transfers When you embark on a new managed file transfer project or you just want to review your existing file transfer processes, here are 5 things for you to review in order to make your system more trustworthy to everyone involved and to create smoothly running processes that require minimal human […]

October 11, 2011 Blog

Flux Workflow Surviving Despite Open Source

“How does one sell software if every other software in the same space is open source?” Here’s an interesting question, “How does one sell software if every other software in the same space is open source?” One would think that it would be an impossibility for a small company. However there’s a bright ray of […]

March 18, 2005 Blog

Flux or Quartz

Looking for a Java job scheduler? After some searching and introspection, perhaps you arrive at some of the following choices: 1. Use a commercial Java job scheduler: Flux 2. Use an open source Java job scheduler: Quartz 3. Use something else 4. Develop something yourself Pretty quickly, you can make a “yes or no” decision […]

November 5, 2003 Blog

Inside Interwoven’s OpenDeploy

Flux supplies automated efficiency for content publication. Using Flux allows Interwoven to focus our precious resources to our core competencies. — Todd Scallan, OpenDeploy Product Manager, Interwoven The United Kingdom’s largest retail grocer, Tesco, had a problem. How could their web team manage Tesco’s dynamic web site where thousands of products were changing every day? […]

June 22, 2003 Blog

Mynta Management and IT consultants choose Flux as cornerstone for enterprise scheduling

Flux is used as the cornerstone in a batch job framework that takes care of all the batch oriented processing in the system. This includes critical steps such as collecting transactional data and initiating the processing of the transactions. — Mats Fredriksson, System Architect, Mynta AB Mynta, a consultancy company located in Stockholm — Sweden’s […]

April 22, 2003 Blog

Wellogic Employs Flux as Basis for Scheduling Service

Flux activates the transformation and delivery of information from one healthcare application to another in the Synapse Scheduling Service. — Synapse Director of Engineering, Wellogic Wellogic provides healthcare integration solutions, clinical applications, and development consulting services to hospitals, healthcare practices, and other healthcare organizations. The Synapse Director of Engineering at Wellogic says, “We can provide […]

April 21, 2003 Blog

Palisades Technology Partners

Consulting firm uses Flux to alleviate scheduling demands for clients   You answer to a top-ten mortgage lender. Your job is to build a precise system to transfer data between disparate systems on a scheduled basis. Your consulting firm needs to deliver the solution on a timely basis for a competitive price. How do you […]

April 19, 2003 Blog

UserMagnet Chooses Flux to Manage Enterprise Content Delivery

We chose to use Flux because we recognized Flux as a leader in the Java community. We trusted their good name and trusted their work. “We want to help our customers engage their users in valuable, long-lasting e-loyalty relationships,” says Mike Sick, UserMagnet’s Vice President of Development. As Sick knows, providing useful tools to e-business […]

April 13, 2003 Blog

Documentum’s Content Distribution Services

Job Scheduling Serves Universal Business Models Documentum, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM), has over a decade of experience providing solutions to create, manage, deliver, and archive unstructured content. Building on these strengths, an increasing challenge for Documentum’s Global 2000 customer base was how to leverage the value of a powerful enterprise content […]

April 7, 2003 Blog

TWO COOL: Java Technology Powers a Pair of Cool Applications

From Sims Computing’s Flux Enterprise Job Scheduler Computer job scheduling has been with us since 1960s-era mainframe systems, and was later more well established by the Unix(r) platform’s cron facility. In a nutshell, job scheduling is simply a matter of executing the correct task, on the correct day, and at the correct time. But […]

April 2, 2003 Blog

Adeptia’s Indigo Data Integration Server

Flux Provides Automation Power and Reliability Chicago-based Adeptia, identifying the market void, created an innovative solution for data integration technology. Indigo is “integration middleware that WILL maximize the value of existing applications, enable disparate systems to communicate, extend the life of current systems, and allow collaboration of business partners, subsidiaries, buyers, and suppliers.” Adeptia points […]

January 22, 2002 Blog

The Origins of Flux

Sims Computing created Flux, an enterprise component, using Java Technology Sims Computing was founded in 1997 as a boutique consulting shop to help build enterprise software components that would improve the overall efficiency and functionality of our customers’ enterprise applications. Working in this capacity with our customers, we quickly realized that there was a need […]

May 1, 2001 Blog

Stockholm’s Mind AB Uses J2EE and Flux to Strengthen Client Business Operations

My goal is to help my clients by giving them good advice and developing high quality applications that can leverage their business and make them stronger. — Markus Torpvret, System Architect/Developer, Mind AB Mind AB System Architect Markus Torpvret sees a lot of Java development occurring in his neighborhood. While Stockholm, Sweden may not immediately […]

February 23, 2001 Blog

Case Study: Job Scheduling

Companies of all stripes can benefit from job scheduling to automate processes in applications. Job scheduling is a simple way to add automated, unattended, scheduled processing to your Java applications. Many companies have discovered that job scheduling in J2EE and J2SE is a good way to automate applications and clean up system resources. Learn how […]

November 13, 2000 Blog

Sims Computing releases Flux 1.0

Sims Computing has released Flux 1.0, the Enterprise Job Scheduler. Job scheduling automates the process of determining when tasks need to be executed. Flux is a server-side Java software component that provides one-time and recurring job scheduling in Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java applications.

October 18, 2000 Blog