Managed File Transfer

Extensive FTP, SFTP, and FTPS Support

Flux supports file watching and scheduled file transfer workflows that use:

  • FTP
  • SFTP (also called Secure FTP and SSH FTP)
  • FTPS (also called FTP-SSL and FTP-over-SSL)
  • SFTP private key files
  • FTPS server and client certificates
  • TLS, SSL, and implicit SSL encryption protocols for FTPS
  • Passive/Active mode
  • Binary/ASCII mode

Watch for Inbound Files

Watch for incoming files that arrive via FTP, Secure FTP, FTP-SSL, the local file system, or a UNC network share. You can wait until the files arrive completely to avoid processing incompletely transferred files. Once your files arrive, simply process them within your workflow.

Streaming Server-to-Server File Copies

When copying files from FTP/SFTP/FTPS server to another, Flux streams the file so that it is written to disk only on the target FTP server. By not writing a temporary copy of the file, the file transfer is faster and does not occupy disk space on the server where the Flux engine runs.

Issue FTP Commands Directly to Server

For issuing non-standard commands that only your FTP server supports or for fine-grained control over your FTP server, you can issue FTP commands directly to your FTP server within a workflow.

Change File Permissions

If your FTP server supports it, you can change file permissions on files on your FTP server. This chmod behavior is not part of the FTP specification and may work on one FTP server but not another.