Flux – File Orchestration Platform
File Orchestration
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Flux is a Java file workflow platform that automates exchanging, processing, and delivering files.

The Flux Platform integrates a web workflow designer, operations dashboard, job scheduler, managed file transfer engine, workflow engine, clustering and agents, for cloud and on-premise deployments.


  • Integrated web-based workflow designer and operation console
  • Managed file transfer supporting FTP, SFP, FTPS, UNC, and SMB
  • Powerful workflow engine supporting conditional branching, dependencies, looping, parallelism, splits, and joins
  • Enterprise integration supporting databases, SOAP, and REST
  • Best-in-class job scheduler providing extensive time-based facilities as well as multiple fine-grained business calendars
  • Robust REST API


  • National check image exchange of 500 million checks (1 Trillion dollars) per month
  • U.S. health care payment exchange and insurance record coordination
  • Distribution of millions of 401K and pension statements per month
  • Media collection, cataloging, and distribution for millions of items
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