Flux – File Orchestration Platform
Flux orchestrates files and schedules jobs.

Flux simplifies your batch and file processes.

Flux's unique architecture integrates workflow, managed file transfer, monitoring, job scheduling, and error handling.

For cloud and on-premise deployments.

  • Simplify how you create and control file and batch processes through our drag and drop designer and Java API, and web operations console
  • Improve your customer response times and IT resource utilization with real-time, event-driven automation
  • Schedule jobs across multiple operating systems, packaged and in-house applications
  • Reduce the number of manual interventions and errors via automated response to exceptional events
  • Align views of IT processes with the business by correlating job names and activity to business-relevant names and categories
  • Reduce your problem resolution times with proactive intervention and remediation of problems
  • Reduce and standardize your IT staff maintenance tasks allowing your staff to work on other, more important projects
  • Integrated web workflow designer and operation console. Comprehensive Java programming interface.
  • Managed file transfer supporting FTP, SFTP, FTPS, UNC, and SMB
  • Powerful workflow engine supporting conditional branching, dependencies, looping, parallelism, splits, and joins
  • Enterprise integration support for databases and web services. Support for calling external processes. Robust REST API
  • Job scheduling using relative and absolute time, database conditions, web service calls, file existence, and arriving mail
  • Can be embedded into OEM applications. Host on-premise or in private clouds
  • Licensed perpetually with annual support and maintenance, or annually via subscriptions
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