Flux – File Orchestration Platform

Flux facilitates enterprise integration through its Java file orchestration and workflow platform.

Flux integrates web workflow design, operations monitoring, scheduling, managed file transfer and workflow processing, clustering, and distributed agents, for cloud and on-premise deployments.


  • Integrated web-based workflow designer and operation console

  • Managed file transfer supporting FTP, SFTP, FTPS, UNC, and SMB

  • Powerful workflow engine supporting conditional branching, dependencies, looping, parallelism, splits, and joins

  • Enterprise integration support for databases and web services. Support for calling external processes. Robust REST API

  • Job scheduling using relative and absolute time, database conditions, web service calls, file existence, and arriving mail

  • Can be embedded into OEM applications.


  • Payment (check image exchange) of 500 million checks (1 Trillion dollars) per month

  • Health care payment exchange and insurance record coordination

  • Distribution of millions of 401K and pension statements per month

  • Media collection, cataloging, and distribution for photos, video, and audio

  • Automated cross border payment settlement and reconciliation

  • Automated scheduling for > 150,000 jobs for customer reports and statements

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