Got Claims, Statements, Reports to Deliver?

Simplify Your Data Delivery Tasks Using Flux

Customers rely on Flux to flexibly address their file orchestration and process automation needs. Got claims, statements, or data extracts (possibly thousands or even millions) to deliver to your customers and clients? Have a variety of processing schedules to maintain for these deliveries? Need to send files as well as emails?

Flux is relied upon by insurers, health care providers, banks, and financial service enterprises to orchestrate the delivery of statements, invoices, reports, and data extracts. Flux's integration of powerful job scheduling, file transfer, workflow execution, visual workflow design, monitoring and tracking, and database and web service integration make short work out of report distribution tasks. Combined with Flux's java extensibility, Flux offers a powerful and flexible platform dedicated to file orchestration.

Flux has developed template workflows to facilitate report delivery

Let’s consider a simple report distribution scenario. In this example a corporate application adds file names and email addresses to a database which is to be queried every 5 minutes for new deliveries to send. Each file is sent via email to the address provided and the record is updated with the time that the file was sent.

This Flux workflow starts with a simple database table that contains the email address, file name, and a timestamp of when the file was sent (initially an empty field). Every five minutes a timer trigger fires, triggering a database query to search the database for records where the sent timestamp is empty. For each record found, a Flux mail action builds an email using a customizable email template, and attaches the file specified in the record. The mail is sent, and the time that the mail was sent is updated in the database record. In the event of a mail failure or a file not found issue, a notification is sent.

Flux’s powerful variable substitution and template facilities makes defining and reusing such templates and workflows easy, by allowing the definition of reusable settings picked up at runtime.

Development, test, and production settings can be segregated and version-controlled to simplify deployment and expedite deployments.

In addition, Flux makes monitoring report distribution easy with its web based operations console. You can track the initiation and completion of your workflows, secure access to viewing and controlling workflows, and restart and recover workflows, all from your web browser.

From Download to Delivering Results in Minutes

flux configuration elements

Flux can be downloaded and installed in minutes on to Linux, Unix, and Windows. All Flux requires is a Java virtual machine. Out of the box Flux provides an embedded database and web server to get going quickly. Flux can also integrate with enterprise web application servers and databases. Once installed, you can quickly start delivering results.

Flux workflows are graphical file orchestrations built atop the Flux platform. While the amount of effort to develop such orchestrations is small as compared to custom code development, the power and sophistication of such workflows can be quite extensive. Flux's integration to databases, web services, mail servers, FTP and file transfer services, and Flux's Java extensibility allows the creation of complex orchestrations in very short timeframes. And Flux's configuration features make each workflow easily customizable to suit a particular need.


About Flux

The Flux software platform orchestrates file transfers and batch processing workflows for banking and finance. First released in 2000, Flux has grown into a financial platform that the largest US, UK, and Canadian banks and financial services organizations rely on daily for their mission critical financial systems. Flux provides Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) solutions for banks. Electronic bank account management replaces slow paper-based processes with electronic efficiencies, reducing human errors and providing greater transparency into bank and corporate operations.

Banks that offer an eBAM solution possess a critical market advantage in their efforts to expand and retain their corporate customer base.

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