Wellogic Employs Flux as Basis for Scheduling Service

Flux activates the transformation and delivery of information from one healthcare application to another in the Synapse Scheduling Service. — Synapse Director of Engineering, Wellogic

Wellogic provides healthcare integration solutions, clinical applications, and development consulting services to hospitals, healthcare practices, and other healthcare organizations. The Synapse Director of Engineering at Wellogic says, “We can provide solutions much faster than most technology companies, whether custom developed or integrating a third-party system, through use of our software toolkits and our rapid development methodology. Delivery is in a matter of weeks or months as opposed to several months or years.”

Another of Wellogic’s strong points is its healthcare experience. Wellogic is a mature technology company with a wealth of medical background in its organization. The staff has practical healthcare experience, which it uses to deliver effective, targeted solutions to the technology needs of healthcare organizations.

One of Wellogic’s integration solutions is Synapse. It connects different kinds of healthcare applications that cannot communicate with one another. For example, a hospital’s radiology information system cannot normally communicate with the hospital’s patient billing system, especially if the systems are from different vendors. However, Synapse makes this communication possible.

The Synapse Director of Engineering says that with Synapse, healthcare organizations can deploy new information systems alongside existing ones without throwing away their investments in the older, yet thoroughly functional, healthcare information systems.

Synapse contains different services to accomplish healthcare tasks. The Synapse Transformation Service transforms data from one format to another, including XML, Health Level 7 (HL7), and other data formats commonly used in the healthcare industry. The Transformation Service even uses screen-scraping technology to communicate with systems that do not have an interface protocol or application programming interface.

Once transformed, Synapse employs other Java technologies to transport data between otherwise incompatible healthcare systems. These transport technologies include SSL, HTTP, FTP, Secure FTP, and Web Services.

Synapse transports these data files between systems on demand and when certain times and events occur. Using the Synapse Scheduling Service, users can program data transfers between disparate information systems at different times of the day, week, month, and year or when certain system events occur.

“We embedded Flux in the Synapse Scheduling Service to make sure that our customers’ healthcare tasks are executed at the right times and under the right circumstances,” says the Synapse Director of Engineering. “Flux performs that job flawlessly.”