UserMagnet Chooses Flux to Manage Enterprise Content Delivery

We chose to use Flux because we recognized Flux as a leader in the Java community. We trusted their good name and trusted their work.

“We want to help our customers engage their users in valuable, long-lasting e-loyalty relationships,” says Mike Sick, UserMagnet’s Vice President of Development. As Sick knows, providing useful tools to e-business benefits the end user.

E-loyalty, a UserMagnet mantra, involves helping B2B and enterprise clients attract more web site visitors, while turning first time visitors into loyal repeat visitors and customers. Serving companies like Nortel Networks and Red Hat, UserMagnet has refined and streamlined components delivering targeted dynamic content, revolutionary marketing activity, community building infrastructure, and contextual merchandising.

Activated Intelligence was founded by Rick Ross and Allan Chasanoff in New York in 1996. A year later, Ross began, an online community dedicated to the needs and concerns of the worldwide Java developer community. While building tools and services used to create their own web sites, Activated Intelligence formed a subsidiary called UserMaget.

After several demonstrations of their news alert and content syndication technology, the Activated system launched the newborn UserMagnet into the world of e-business. Today, the news system automatically gathers news from nearly 7,000 sources and delivers it to web destinations in varied styles according to client demands.

“Our goal is to make web sites interesting and valuable to the customers of our customer,” reiterates Sick.

In January, UserMagnet began using Flux, the Enterprise Job Scheduler, to provide scheduling for their news alert service. The UserMagnet aggregation engine checks thousands of web sites all day, every day, to gather news items. With the totals ranging from 60,000 to 70,000 news items gathered each day, the entire delivery process of the information had to be automated.

The alert system allows the user to enter keywords that, in effect, filter the news that the user wants to know about. However, even with keywords, the information gathered by the aggregation engine can still be enormous. Flux has allowed UserMagnet customers to schedule the delivery of their new alerts so that they can gather and read the information at the times when it is most convenient.

“Flux, the Enterprise Job Scheduler, has been a valuable addition to the UserMagnet toolkit. Sims Computing has been responsive on both support and expanding the product’s functionality,” writes Sick for

UserMagnet’s dedication to client success doesn’t end there. Not only do their tools and services cover a wide variety of needs, but those tools and services work seamlessly together to deliver a personalized look and feel for a unique e-business web site. UserMagnet clients enjoy not only the ease of using interlocking technologies, but the “ease of a single supplier relationship.”

UserMagnet also supplies ease in terms of usability. Priding themselves on delivering maximum productivity for low-tech users, the UserMagnet system allows the client to focus on more than technical complexities. The underlying technology, however, is anything but low end. After the JavaLobby web site won “Best Java Application” in the 1999 Java Developer’s Journal Awards for its use of XML and XSL technologies, UserMagnet became a leading force in the Java development community. Using XML, XSL, Java, and Progress JMS Queues, Sick says that using these Java technologies have allowed UserMagnet, as well as other server application providers, greater portability and in turn, a greater opportunity to serve their clients.

Says Founder and CEO Rick Ross, “I want to see the UserMagnet solution driving customer loyalty and sales for every company in the Fortune 500, and I want to build the strategic partnerships we’ll need with the industry leaders who can help make that happen.”

Sims Computing is proud to be a part of the UserMagnet solution and to play a role in their position as “undisputed leader in integrated e-loyalty solutions.”