Flux – File Orchestration Platform

Flux File Orchestration Platform

File Orchestration Platform

Flux orchestrates file transfers and batch processing. Without human intervention, Flux orchestrates the transfer of high volumes of data and business transactions across different platforms and systems.

Flux then manages batch processes performed against this data, including conversion of data, data compression, encryption, enterprise-specific processes as well as secure transfer for backup, replication, and distribution of files.

Speak to a Flux Solution Architect for a technical overview of how Flux can address your file orchestration needs. For details, contact your Flux Relationship Manager or reach out to us.

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Flux eBAM for Banks

Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) — Flux eBAM for Banks

Flux eBAM for Banks allows banks to provide their corporate customers automated and standards-compliant services to electronically manage:

  • Opening and closing bank accounts
  • Adding and removing account signatories
  • Obtaining account information without manual intervention

Electronic bank account management replaces tiresome, lengthy, and slow paper-based processes with electronic efficiencies, reducing human errors, speeding up response times, and providing greater transparency into bank and corporate operations.

Flux eBAM for Banks delivers banks a strategic advantage in competing for the business of corporate customers, who demand ever increasing efficiencies and speeds from their banking partners. Banks can also open new revenue streams by offering Flux eBAM capabilities as new services to corporates.

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Java 7 Support for Older Flux Versions

Java 7 Support Service for Flux 7.x and Older Versions of Flux

Oracle announced their end-of-life policy for Java 6 in February 2011. Oracle no longer issues public updates for Java 6.

For Flux customers, this means that Oracle will stop patching Java 6 for security vulnerabilities unless your organization has an enterprise support plan with Oracle for Java support.

Flux supports Java 7 in its Flux 8.0 release. Running older versions of Flux on Java 7 is not supported.

Yet Flux realizes that some customers are currently being required to move their Java application portfolio to Java 7 by corporate policy or other mandate.

We realize you may not have the resources or time to migrate to Flux 8.0 in the required timeframe.

For those customers who must run an older version of Flux on Java 7, Flux offers a service where we make it possible to run any older version of Flux on Java 7.

For details, contact your Flux Relationship Manager or reach out to us.

24/7 Production Down Service

After Hours 24x7 Production Down Service

Flux’s optional After Hours 24x7 Production Down Service is designed to provide an extra level of technical support to subscribing customers for instances when their production system may go down.

This service is offered as an add-on service for customers requesting system coverage outside Flux’s normal support business hours.

For details, contact your Flux Relationship Manager or reach out to us.

Upgrading to Flux 7.11 or 8.0

Migration Service to Flux 7.11 or 8.0

Long-time Flux customers who have been running older versions of Flux for many years are faced with the need to upgrade their Flux installations, usually to Flux 7.11 or 8.0. Because there are so many moving parts involved, this upgrade is not necessarily a simple task.

Using our best practices developed over the last 12 years, Flux now offers a service whereby we will work side-by-side (virtually or physically) to upgrade your applications and systems to Flux 7.11 or 8.0.

For details, contact your Flux Relationship Manager or reach out to us.

Floify.com — Mortgage brokers manage loan docs from borrowers

Mortgage brokers use Floify.com to collect and process mortgage documentation from borrowers

Mortgage brokers reduce delays while using less staff time to collect and process borrower loan documents.

"Floify.com reduces the amount of time our staff works on loan paperwork and removes the guesswork about the status of loan docs."

Brian Elkin, Executive Vice President
Summit National Bank

Read the nine Frequently Asked Questions at about Floify at Floify.com
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