Securing Operations over SSH in Flux

How does Flux interact with remote servers that are secured using SSH?

Since the release of Flux 8.0.10, we have implemented support for SSH based interactions with remote servers in your enterprise workflows.

Workflows and file orchestrations now interact cleanly with the enterprise’s existing public key infrastructure, while still enjoying Flux’s powerful integration capabilities.

New SSH related Flux Actions also became available with Flux 8.0.10.

  • SshCommandAction – runs commands or scripts on remote servers
  • SshFileUploadAction – uploads file or directories to remote server
  • SshFileDownloadAction – downloads file or directories from remote servers

These SSH actions extend Flux’s robust palette of workflow and file actions. A Flux workflow can now run commands on — or perform file transfers to or from — remote machines. It supports password based authentication as well as public key authentication with passphrase.

Some of the commonly associated tasks include:

  • On-demand backups
  • File transfers
  • System monitoring
  • Agent-less monitoring
To get started, view examples, or simply get more technical information on Flux’s SSH interactions, click here to have a look at our Whitepaper (reading time = 7 minutes)