Executive Summary — Why Flux?

As enterprises expand the sharing of data across disparate platforms, reliable file transfer and batch process orchestration becomes indispensable.

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White Papers

File Orchestration: Building a Business Case

MFT + Workflow = File Orchestration

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Scheduling Reports: More than Fire and Forget

Moving beyond Scheduling Reports to Orchestrating them.

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Securing Operations over SSH with Flux

Flux announces SSH Command, SSH File Upload, and SSH File Download actions.

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Agile Workflow Development

How agile workflow modeling simplifies workflow development.

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Flux and Quartz

Comparing and contrasting features.

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A Simple Matter of Programming?

Build vs. Buy considerations in file workflow and job scheduling.

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Moving Beyond Job Scheduling

Evolving beyond job scheduling to file orchestrations.

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The Enterprise Scheduler

The quest for a good night’s sleep.

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Job Scheduling in Java Applications

Job schedulers let developers focus on their applications and not on scheduling details.

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Managing your Workflow of Workflows

Managing workflows at the enterprise level.

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Managed File Transfer in Java Applications

Considerations to address in MFT within your Java enterprise applications.

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Got Claims, Statements, Reports to Deliver?

Simplify your report and data delivery tasks using Flux.

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Flux, REST, and Javascript

Designing Flux consoles to target unique user needs.

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Designing Payment Processing Applications with Flux

Customers are streamlining their payments processing with Flux. Are you?

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"File Clerk" Automation in Financial Applications

The “file clerk” is the “workflow engine” in today’s corporate enterprise.

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Orchestrating Digital Media Processing Using Workflows

A common workflow for orchestrating digital media files.

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File Orchestration Platforms

How file orchestration platforms support highly reliable business processes involving files, where common file processing patterns are distilled into executable workflows.

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Deploying New Financial Service Offerings Quickly

How to use Fluxlets, financial software building blocks that allow you to deploy new service offerings quickly.

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What's Next for Check Image Exchange?

How to increase revenue and lower expenses by extending your check image exchange infrastructure.

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Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer in Service Oriented Architectures

Find out how MFT and SOA can work together.

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5 Best Practices in Managed File Transfer

When you embark on a new managed file transfer project or just want to review your existing file transfer processes, here are give things to review. These will make your system more trustworthy to everyone involved and create a smooth running process that requires minimal human intervention.

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Managed File Transfer in Enterprise Java Applications

In an SOA world, bulk data transfer occurs largely by way of file transfer. File transfer remains a critical component of enterprise architectures. Enterprise Java developers are all familiar with point-to-point file transfers. However, the demands of enterprise file transfers require more sophistication. Managed file transfer provides the solution.

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PGP, Encryption, ZIP

Flux's Take on PGP Integration

In Flux 8.0 we’ve developed some exciting new features and improvements, integrated PGP being just one of them.

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Processing ZIP Archives with Flux

Flux 8.0 now includes native support for ZIP archives, making it even easier to automate common file processing tasks through a simple point-and-click interface.

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Demystifying ETL Automation

An important requirement for ETL tools is the ability to interface with their SOA counterparts, streamlining data access across providers and consumers. There seems to be five major pain points that make ETL alien in an SOA environment when not addressed correctly.

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Operations Teams & Admin

How to Upload and Start Flux Workflows from the Command Line

It’s really easy to upload Flux workflows — and even start them — from the command line. Just use Flux’s REST APIs right from the command line, without any need for coding or scripting.

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Analyst Coverage

Flux Named a "Strong Value Vendor" in 2016 EMA Workload Automation Radar

Flux was once again recognized by industry analyst Enterprise Management Associates as a “Strong Value” in their 2016 EMA WLA (Workload Automation) Radar report.

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Flux Profile in the EMA Radar for WLA

In June 2012, Flux was recognized as a “Strong Value” vendor in the highly respected Radar for Workload Automation report by the well regarded analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates.

“We are impressed with the scalable architecture of Flux Workload Automation.” 
— Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates

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Cloud Computing

Orchestrate Incoming Web Service Requests Effortlessly

Web service APIs act as enablers in a service oriented architecture (SOA), where disparate systems tend to work together to perform complex orchestration. Why not simplify your efforts with a little collaboration?

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Financial Institutions Leverage Workload Automation in the Cloud

Primatics Financial is a market leading provider of enterprise-grade software solutions and advisory services that address the complex needs of financial institutions. Leveraging Flux workload automation allowed Primatics Financial to provide an enterprise-grade application for its customers for both on-premise and off-premise cloud computing platforms.

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Complete Flux Documentation

Click the link below to access the full set of Flux documentation, including technical specs, release notes, and more.

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