Prepare file and process — new Flux workflow example

Prepare and Read CSV File, Do Something with the Text in the File

(Intermediate — Requires Light Scripting)


It’s pretty common to receive a file from a customer and have to do some processing using the info in that file.

prepare and process example

  • This workflow polls a landing folder for a customer file (in the example we’re polling ‘c:\TEST\SAP\’) then, using a batch script, it adds a header to the file, and removes any blank lines.
  • After that’s done, the CSV file is read using the CSVJDBC jar, and the first line of text is used for additional processing (in the example we’re just printing it out to the console).
  • Once the processing is finished, the workflow moves the processed file to a new location (using ‘c:\TEST\SAP\Processed\’ in the example) so it’s not picked up again for processing.

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