Palisades Technology Partners

Consulting firm uses Flux to alleviate scheduling demands for clients


You answer to a top-ten mortgage lender. Your job is to build a precise system to transfer data between disparate systems on a scheduled basis. Your consulting firm needs to deliver the solution on a timely basis for a competitive price. How do you create innovative technology while focusing on your strengths?

Palisades Technology Partners, a consulting firm based in Englewood, New Jersey, is a technical solutions provider. Their client needed them to create a system to facilitate reliable automated data transfer to remain competitive in their market.

According to Rich Grasso of PTP, the concept of scheduling back-end processes is generic but the implementation was specific to the process and the client. “Our Research and Development group was aware of Flux and recommended looking into it as a solution to our specific problem.”

Grasso says scheduling is a function PTP sees over and over again while working with various clients in a variety of markets and business areas. Usually, scheduling business tasks requires adhering to specific business rules and processes. Using Flux, PTP cut out the step of writing a scheduling engine for their client thereby delivering a powerful solution for a lower price in a shorter amount of time. Says Grasso, “Scheduling allowed us to fully automate a back-end process that needs to run multiple times a day but has to be flexible enough to adjust itself to current conditions.”

Flux was a key solution for PTP. By eliminating the need to write a scheduling engine, the PTP team focused purely on their strength — providing custom solutions to specific business problems. Flux is a lightweight software component that provides time-based, event-driven, and file-driven job scheduling. Flux fit easily into PTP’s system, allowing the team to ignore scheduling specifics and provide the functionality their client needed quickly and cost effectively.

“Flux is a valuable tool with a complete feature set. We used only a small percentage of what Flux provides and to write even that in house would have taken many hours and added significantly to the cost of the project.”