New updates and features in Flux 8.0.11

Flux 8.0.11 is here, and with it comes a host of performance and usability features:

  • Flux 8.0.11 will now support the compilation and execution of Jasper Reports, a robust and open source Java reporting system that is available with commercial support options from TIBCO. Since Jasper reports can be executed through the command line, they can also be scheduled within Flux workflows utilizing Process Actions. Variable substitution can be used to pass in runtime variables such as dates and search parameters to drive report generation. Read the full notes on the Flux integration with Jasper Reports here.

flux jasper reports


  • Extended the Mail Trigger to expose whole email messages in the API.
  • Upgraded the embedded Flux application server from Jetty 8 which is no longer supported to to Jetty 9 (for the Flux Operations Console).
  • Added ability to serve generated reports from the embedded Jetty server.
  • Improved the performance of the RepositoryAdministrator.put(BusinessInterval) API when there are thousands of schedules on the engine.
  • Many other new features and upgrades.


Flux 8.0.11 is a maintenance patch. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 8.0.x with some caveats. Read the entirety of the Release Notes for Flux 8.0.11.