Monitor Updates (Aug. – Sep. 2014)

New features and bulk workflow operations coming in restyled monitor interface.

The Flux Operations Console has served Flux users reasonably well over the years, but as users have scaled their operations to many hundreds and sometimes thousands of workflows, the Operations Console has shown its age. As illustrated below, the existing console does not provide bulk operations, and usability is a bit – shall we go there? – clumsy. In addition, the console does not feel as responsive as we would like.

So we have started developing a new monitor, to be rolled out with Flux 8.0.8. This monitor will not fully replace the existing monitor until later in the year (always want to leave a Plan B in place!) but the differences should be obvious. Checkboxes on the left allow the selection of workflows for bulk operations, and individual operations can be performed on specific workflows. Now its possible to pause and resume workflows in bulk. And note – no having to scroll to the bottom of the page to perform an operation.

Looking forward to getting this out this summer. Check the support portal for the latest pre-release builds including this feature, and stay tuned.