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Flux Developers Simplify PGP Security in File Workflows

Flux Developers Simplify PGP Security in File Workflows

Wade Routen, Flux Developer, has been an integral part of the PGP integration updates made to Flux, a proven leader in sophisticated enterprise job scheduling, managed file transfer, automated dataflows, and ETL automation.

Today, Flux released Mr. Routen’s article, PGP Simplicity in Your ETL and File Workflows, in which he reviews automated file and ETL workflows involving PGP, identifies some key areas, and asks "Does it have to be so complicated?"

The Flux development team doesn’t think so. The inspiration for Flux’s new PGP features came from the team’s regular discussions with developers and operations teams who are often bogged down in the implementation of security environments. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) doesn’t sound like it should be associated with difficulty, but the harsh reality is that the layered complexities that security introduces to a project can bring delays, exposure to risks, and costly mistakes.

"The key to any problem is simplicity. The easier it is to understand and use, the quicker you learn it and the less likely you are to make a mistake with it. With all the complexities of a PGP system, some simplicity is a welcome vacation," Routen writes in his article.

Flux takes all of these complexities and bundles them up into a central, easy-to-use workflow system for automated file transfer processes. With a simple, web-based user interface, operations teams now have an intuitive and straightforward environment to use PGP in the automated ebb and flow of their files across their networks and their partners’ networks. Key management is simplified, offering clear associations of keys to file sets.

Learn how Wade Routen and the rest of the Flux development team have tackled the creation of a simple PGP solution inside an already powerful ETL and file workflow orchestration product. By utilizing the functionality already available in Flux file transfer, PGP can become pretty darn easy.

Read the article: PGP Simplicity in Your ETL and File Workflows

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Built on the powerful technology of Flux Workload Automation, Flux offers an additional free cloud-based workflow service to orchestrate workloads and manage file transfers called Floify.com.

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