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Orchestrating Digital Media Processing Using Workflows

Orchestrating Digital Media Processing Using Workflows

A common workflow for orchestrating digital media files.

Today, Flux released a new white paper that describes how to orchestrate digital media processing using workflows.

The nature of digital media varies widely. However, the activities performed against digital media are often common and repeated.

The white paper presents common workflow steps that can save time and frustration while designing and building digital media processing solutions.

"We've seen these same workflow patterns again and again in the digital media domain. Distilling the common patterns into a reusable workflow template is a key aspect to designing reliable digital media processing solutions in shorter time frames. Less trial and error is needed to build highly performing systems by standing on the experience Flux has gained over the last ten years in workflow processing," stated Ron Schultz, Flux Solution Architect.

Download the white paper Orchestrating Digital Media Processing Using Workflows at:


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