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Managed File Transfer and Service Oriented Architectures: Working in Concert

Managed File Transfer and Service Oriented Architectures: Working in Concert

Service oriented architectures (SOA), cloud computing, and web services garner an enormous share of publicity when discussing today’s IT infrastructures. However, a key ingredient that isn’t discussed as often is managed file transfer (MFT). Today, Flux released a white paper detailing how SOA and MFT complement each other in today’s modern, decentralized computing environments and ecosystems.

Most SOA systems that move bulk data between business partners use managed file transfer. Gartner has estimated that over 80% of data exchanged between organizations are transferred via files.

2011 marked the 40th anniversary for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). "FTP and its highly secure variants are needed as much today as they ever were. The difference today is that managed file transfer solutions orchestrate file transfers within web services, cloud computing, and SOA environments," said Eric Rich, Lead Developer for Flux.

The white paper provides use cases of MFT and SOA working in concert across industries such as:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Medical
  • Payroll

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About Flux

Flux is an enterprise software company dedicated to advancing workload automation and managed file transfer. First released in 2000, Flux has grown into a vital part of IT operations around the world with hundreds of customers in 36 countries.

With an emphasis on sophisticated job scheduling, managed file transfer, Web Services (SOA), and Java technology support, Flux delivers it all with a single point of control through a web browser. Intuitive modern interfaces bring it all together in a single browser window.

Across platforms and many industry sectors, Flux has simplified tasks surrounding workload scheduling ensuring that critical transactions are processed on time. Whether Flux is used as a powerful stand-alone workload automation solution or embedded into a larger application pushing tens of thousands of jobs, Flux solutions bring solid business value with efficiencies, precise control, and affordability.

Built on the powerful technology of Flux Workload Automation, Flux offers an additional free cloud-based workflow service to orchestrate workloads and manage file transfers called Floify.com.

Privately held, Flux offices are located in Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Hawaii, and Montana, all of which provide effective technical support and sales services to Flux’s global customer base.

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