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Now is the Time for Banks to Move On eBAM

Now is the Time for Banks to Move On eBAM

eBAM Options Are Ready To Go.

Today, Flux released a new white paper: Now is the Time for Banks to Move On eBAM.

The white paper asks, Where are you going to be in October 2013? At the AFP Annual Conference demonstrating your eBAM solution? Or still taking surveys and reading white papers like this one?

The white paper reviews the state of eBAM in the industry. Bank of America, JPMC, and Citi are in production with eBAM. But there are certain caveats.

Banks face a decision regarding eBAM, which is the business case — the "elephant in the room." Corporates are not yet threatening to switch banks over the lack of eBAM capabilities.

But does this elephant-sized business case mean banks will continue to wait-and-see? Or does it mean banks should start with a simple eBAM solution that is up-and-running in a few weeks' time without the budget of a Manhattan Project?

Addressing these questions, a checklist is presented that reviews the basic requirements for a minimal eBAM solution. Another checklist reviews characteristics that any bank should bear in mind while assessing eBAM solutions.

"Corporate demand for eBAM is only increasing. Are you going to the AFP Annual Conference yet again without a plan? eBAM provides visible and valued service to counter your competition," emphasized Ron Schultz, Flux Solution Architect.

Download the white paper Now is the Time for Banks to Move On eBAM at:

(Reading time only 3 minutes)

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Built on the 13 year foundation provided by the Flux software platform, Flux provides eBAM (Electronic Bank Account Management) solutions for banks. eBAM replaces slow paper-based processes with electronic efficiencies, reducing human errors and providing greater transparency into bank and corporate operations.

Banks that offer an eBAM solution possess a critical market advantage in their efforts to expand and retain their corporate customer base.

The Flux software platform orchestrates file transfers and batch processing workflows for banking and finance. First released in 2000, Flux has grown into a financial platform that the largest US, UK, and Canadian banks and financial services organizations rely on daily for their mission critical financial systems.

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