Flux uses workflows to orchestrate EDI

Flux was recently contacted by a company in the B2B EDI business. This company has an algorithm to transform file types, but needs assistance in other areas like workflow, monitoring directories and managing files.

Their basic needs from Flux are:

  • Monitor a directory, detect any files needing transfer, move file then delete file.
  • Monitor a remote directory via VPN. Temporarily log-in to the file system, copy a file, delete the file, then log off of the file system.
  • Receive an email, extract an attachment, save/decompress/copy file.
  • Send an email as a result of an elaboration.
  • Send/receive via sFTP, FTP, or another protocol.
  • Monitor the flow of the file and give automated alerts via mail or web server.

This use case is an example of where Flux excels. With one well designed workflow, Flux is able to satisfy most of these needs by orchestrating the directory monitoring and file transfer process to get data to and from the company’s algorithm.

Within this workflow, Flux has the ability to recognize, log, and recover errors that may occur.

flux TIH workflow example