Store workflows and configurations in the Flux Repository

Edit, Verify, and Promote Flux workflows and configurations

The Flux Repository is a storage space in the Operations Console for template workflows and other useful components in Flux like an engine or agent configuration. Once a workflow is saved to the Repository, it’s available for editing at any time by any user with sufficient permissions to access the Operations Console and Repository.

flux repository

A workflow that is saved to the Repository will not automatically run on its own. To begin running a workflow, or to schedule its first execution, you’ll simply select the workflow from the Repository grid and press the “Start” button. This will export the workflow to the engine, where Flux can begin scheduling or executing it.

To edit a workflow, select it from the Repository grid and choose “Edit”. This will display the workflow in the Designer, where you can make changes to it and re-save to the Repository or just directly export to the engine.

flux repository - workflows

As you build your workflows using the Designer, using the “Save” button will verify your workflow before saving your copy to the Repository. To verify your workflows, Flux will check to ensure that all required properties have been set, and there are no illegal / invalid arguments present on any actions or flows.

If you prefer to save your workflow without verification, use the “Quick Save” option instead. The message “Not Verified” will appear in the workflow description in the Repository view, to indicate verification has not been performed.

Flux also allows for promotion of an item within the repository of one cluster to the repository of another. For example, you can promote a workflow you’ve been working on from Development to Production.

To promote an item, just find the item in the repository you want to promote from, then select it and click the “Promote” button. This will bring up the promote dialog, where you can select which cluster you want to promote the item to.

In order to successfully promote an item, Flux will ensure that certain security guidelines are met. You can read about those guidelines, and more details about the Flux Repository, in the Flux Documentation.