Flux or Quartz

Looking for a Java job scheduler? After some searching and introspection, perhaps you arrive at some of the following choices:

1. Use a commercial Java job scheduler: Flux
2. Use an open source Java job scheduler: Quartz
3. Use something else
4. Develop something yourself

Pretty quickly, you can make a “yes or no” decision on options 3 or 4 listed above. If you’re going to use something else or develop something on your own, you’ve probably got your reasons for that. Maybe your job scheduling needs are pretty simple and you don’t need something like Quartz or Flux. Or maybe your application’s design dictates the need for your team to develop something on its own. Which leaves us with options 1 or 2 listed above.

Why not just use Quartz?

Flux Corporation first released Flux in 2000 (before Quartz) and is a software company completely devoted to developing and supporting Flux. As such, Flux will naturally contain significant functionality above and beyond Quartz. This functionality should be considered to see if it meets your team’s needs.

If Quartz meets your needs, then by all means, use it! Quartz has a solid reputation and is well regarded in the Java development community. However, if Quartz doesn’t meet all your needs or if you need to have commercial support and maintenance in place, Flux will be the natural Java job scheduler to investigate.

See doc.fluxlybu.wpengine.com to review the Flux documentation and see what best meets your needs.