flux support for amazon aws s3

Flux Support for AWS S3

Flux Support for AWS S3

With its latest release Flux adds Amazon AWS S3 support to its list of supported file transfers. With these new Flux actions users can interact with their S3 instance to manage their buckets and objects. Using Flux provides a more practical and cost effective substitution to support a single point of control for your file management.

Flux’s S3 actions move data to and from S3 to support your enterprise’s on-premise applications. Flux facilitates your data movement to S3 for your API-driven data processing and analytics workflows. Flux leverages AWS management services to simplify your security, monitoring and auditing operations.

Below are the newly added Flux actions for S3 shown on the Flux palette. These can be dragged and dropped into new or existing workflows to add S3 functionality. The results of these actions can be flowed into other Flux actions such as database actions, REST actions, as well as file transfers to local and remote file servers.

flux aws actions

Flux leverages AWS authentication for access to your buckets and objects. Like SSH keys, AWS keys provide an authentication interface for controlling access to your S3 buckets and objects.

flux aws workflow

Flux’s S3 actions make S3 integration simple. Simply configuring a Flux runtime variable sets the Region field of the S3 actions giving the user the ability to quickly change which Region all S3 actions. Alongside Flux’s other file actions and triggers, interacting with S3 servers is easier, more efficient and more cost effective than a standard SFTP server setup.

flux aws s3 integration

Flux and S3 creates a powerful combination to boost your enterprise’s file and data management options.