Announcing Newest Update to Flux File Orchestration Software

New Features and Improvements to Workflow Orchestration

Flux announces Flux 8.0.12, Flux’s latest version of its workflow and managed file platform. Flux is built on a unique clustered and distributed architecture that runs embedded in Java applications or as a standalone application managing mission critical batch processes on Windows, Linux, and Unix.

New features

Flux 8.0.12 now provides the ability to reschedule any running workflow (updating the schedule in-place without deleting existing runtime data).

Flux 8.0.12 introduces Flux Cockpit, an improved web based workflow designer and operations monitor. Some key features of Flux Cockpit include:

  • Using the same REST interface as the legacy Flux Operations Console and still reads and processes and saves in standard Flux FFC file format compatible between the Flux Operations Console and Flux Cockpit.
  • Interact with workflows in batches or sets – such as importing, removing, or submitting many workflows at a time.
  • Cut, copy, paste, and undo now supported in the Designer
  • View the status of an executing workflow showing what in the workflow has already run and what action is currently scheduled next to fire.
  • Open a workflow directly from disk without first having to import it into the Repository.
  • Pre-populates drop downs for agents, calendars and PGP keys.
  • Lists the Flux runtime variables in the System tab.

Additional improvements

Flux 8.0.12 also includes performance improvements and improvements to recovering in the event of database and network outages. HSQL and Apache Derby in-memory database support have been added for instances where an in-memory database is required. Renaming files is now supported in the PGP actions, and support for AES-256 is now available.

Even though Flux 8.0.12 is brand new – pre-release versions of 8.0.12 have been in production at a number of large Flux customers for months. Stay tuned for what’s coming in 8.0.13!