Integrate web services, soa, and Enterprise databases

Call REST Services

Use Flux to invoke REST services from your workflows:

  • Invoke Restful resources over HTTP using the standard verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Access SSL secured web sites
  • Supports HTML form processing, basic authentication, and the ability to set HTTP headers
  • Perform XPath query operations on the response XML

Call Web Services

Similar in nature to REST services, Web services can be called from workflows. Use Flux to:

  • Invoke Web services (SOAP/HTTP) defined using WSDL
  • Supports WS-Security basic authentication
  • Simplifies integration in an SOA environment

Pass Data In and Out

Pass workflow data into REST and Web services. Pull data from REST and Web services into your workflows for processing.


Use the security mechanisms built into REST and Web services like SSL support, key stores, and trust stores.

Retrieve Data and Pass to Workflows

Query your databases and pass the data through to your workflows for processing.

Call Stored Procedures

Call stored procedures defined in local or remote databases from within your workflows. Pass data in to your stored procedures. Pass the results through to the next step in your workflow.

Perform Database Updates and Inserts

Update existing data or add new rows to your tables in your local and remote databases..

Pass Workflow Data to Database Calls

Use the information retrieved or generated within your workflow and pass it through to your database calls.