SEcurity and PGP Support

Granular Access Controls

Assign more than 30 different, fine-grained user security controls to permit or restrict access to various portions of your workflows. For your operational staff, set privileges and customize tabs in the Flux Operations Console to increase security and efficiency.

LDAP and Active Directory

Flux can tap into your organization’s LDAP and Active Directories for authentication. AD and LDAP Role and group attributes can then be mapped to Flux roles. New users can be automatically assigned default roles upon sign in – eliminating maintaining multiple user lists.

Security in Operations Console and Java APIs

Flux’s security mechanisms uniformly controls access to features in the Operations Console, the Java APIs, and the command line interface.

Disable Flux Security Optionally

Some environments do not require any Flux security, as when Flux is embedded in a larger Java application. With a configuration option set appropriately, all Flux security is disabled.

Encrypt Files

Use Flux to construct PGP encryption keys that can be utilized to encrypt files in workflows.

Decrypt Files

Flux can decrypt both PGP and OpenPGP encrypted files within a workflow.