Flexible deployments and Scalability

Multi Platform

Flux runs on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems. Flux is developed in Java using a single code base. When a new Flux version is released, all features are available on all supported platforms.

Personal Computers & Laptops

Flux runs well on small computers up to big servers. Flux customers run Flux on a wide variety on production hardware.


Flux does not consume much processor, memory, or hard drive space. Flux runs equally well on laptops, workstations, and multi-core enterprise-class servers.

Windows, Linux, Whatever

Flux runs on just about any operating system with a modern Java runtime environment — Windows, Linux, Solaris, et cetera.

Clustering and Failover

To provide high availability and increased throughput, Flux can be clustered on many servers. There is no single point of failure in the cluster. If one server goes down, that server’s duties are automatically and seamlessly moved to the other servers in the cluster.

High Availability

There is no single point of failure. All servers in the cluster cooperate equally to increase the system’s overall throughput, even in the event of server failure.

Load Balancing

Flux automatically spreads the task load out across all the servers in the cluster. Less busy servers receive new work before busier servers. In workflows that contain parallelism, different parts of the same workflow can run simultaneously on different servers in the cluster.

Run Thousands of Workflows

Flux’s unique clustering technology and load balancing and error recovery features allow the highly redundant and high throughput processing of thousands of workflows.

Cloud Deployable

Numerous customers deploy Flux on cloud services such as Amazon EC2 and within private clouds.

Burstable Cloud

As service demands rise and fall, Flux can adapt. Seamlessly add more Flux servers to your cluster as demand increases. As demand decreases, remove servers. Your clients access your cloud seamlessly, regardless of the number of Flux servers running.

Increase Scalability as Needed

In your cloud (cluster), quickly and easily add more Flux servers during periods of high demand.

Fallback as Necessary

As your scalability and high availability needs decrease, dynamically remove Flux servers from your cloud (cluster). The remaining Flux servers continue running unaffected.