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Managed File Transfer and File Orchestration

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System Requirements

Flux requires Java 7 or 8 be installed. Flux requires at least 1 gig of available memory and 200 meg of disk space. Flux runs on Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems. Flux can be installed as a set of Windows services using the provided Windows installer download, and uninstalled using the same. For Linux and Unix, shell scripts are provided to setup the services. Flux can also be run from a command line with supplied batch and shell scripts in the directory you install Flux into.

Flux comes with its own embedded database and web server, or it can be installed using the customer-provided web application servers and databases mentioned in the Flux Technical Specifications below.

Review Flux’s Technical Specifications.

Instructions to Uninstall

For Windows, using the Windows installer used to originally install Flux, select the uninstall option and remove Flux. In the rare case this fails, refer to these instructions. For other operating systems simply delete the installation directory you unzipped Flux into.

Need a Jumpstart?

If you’re short on time and need to get going quickly, call us for a quick demo. To get further faster, call us for some guidance and our best practices. We’ll be happy to work with you on a proof of concept to determine how Flux fits into your environment. With 15+ years in the industry, we know a little about workflows. Our training, examples, and documentation are all engineered to get you moving quickly.

Now Get Moving!

Check out our Evaluator Welcome Kit and our Sample Workflows.

All of these materials and more are available within the Flux Documentation


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