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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Dave Sims, CEO,, LinkedIn

Dave Sims founded Flux in 2000. Dr Sims has managed the growth of Flux into a file orchestration and enterprise integration platform that enterprises of all sizes rely on daily for their mission critical financial systems.

Dr Sims holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from University of Cincinnati, an MS in Computer Science from University of Cincinnati, and a BS in Computer Science from Polytechnic University, now part of New York University.

Ron Schultz, COO,, LinkedIn

Ron Schultz has over 30 years of experience in leadership and management of large software development and implementation projects for many organizations including numerous banking software providers, telecommunications companies, insurance companies, and agencies of the Defense Department.

As a senior executive in multiple software companies, Mr Schultz has architected, managed, and delivered software that has yielded dramatic cost reductions and process streamlining throughout many industries. These mission critical systems include payment processing of over a trillion dollars a month, image archives of nearly 0.5 billion items a month, image based business process exception processing across the US and UK, and data packaging and delivery systems supporting millions of requests monthly.