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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Example of an Advanced Managed File Transfer (MFT) Workflow

The following workflow template (i.e.,” /MFT/Template”) illustrates an example workflow demonstrating Flux’s MFT capabilities. This reusable and configurable workflow template can be deployed to a Flux engine to execute any number of exchange file transfers.

For example, submitting the template to a Flux engine as the name “/Acme/weekly” will force the engine to configure the workflow based on a runtime configuration defined for the Acme customer. The same workflow template can be submitted repeatedly with different names to the Flux engine for various customers and time periods (e.g., customers Acme, Baker and weekly, daily, and monthly).

The workflow template diagram is depicted below. It can be reused without modification for many SFTP file exchange partners.

flux managed file transfer mft example workflow

Runtime Configuration Properties

Each customer (or file exchange partner) is configured with a set of runtime parameters — loaded at the time the workflow starts for that partner. The runtime configuration is refreshed automatically when the configuration file is changed (note that this feature is configurable).

These parameters include when to trigger the workflow, where to place downloaded files, and what files to download. Adding a new customer or exchange partner involved adding the required entries to this file, and then submitting the workflow template to the Flux engine for that customer.

An example runtime configuration file is given below:

Flux MFT Runtime Configuration Properties
To see more details on this workflow, like how to generate reports from within the workflow, as well as the downloadable assets, check out our Flux documentation.

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