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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

Adeptia’s Indigo Data Integration Server

Flux Provides Automation Power and Reliability

Chicago-based Adeptia, identifying the market void, created an innovative solution for data integration technology. Indigo is “integration middleware that WILL maximize the value of existing applications, enable disparate systems to communicate, extend the life of current systems, and allow collaboration of business partners, subsidiaries, buyers, and suppliers.” Adeptia points out that integration projects have historically failed because of expensive resources, unpredictable delays, and the need for complex changes that do not mesh with existing systems.

The Indigo data integration server, filling a niche for both B2B and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, has provided solutions for companies looking for a fast, quality integration solution. With its ease of use and web-based functionality, Indigo gives users a high return on investment with a short learning curve.

Not only can Indigo automatically aggregate, transform, and distribute data between disparate systems, it does so in a secure, timely, and reliable way. Indigo utilizes Flux to manage all scheduled transactions at specific times and intervals.

Adeptia’s clients are varied in industry from companies providing data, voice, and Internet services to companies creating technology infrastructure to companies providing large-scale material business solutions.

One such client needed to provide a critical business solution to a large customer using the client’s data and document printing services. The data had to be sorted and grouped so that the different types of documents were printed in bulk postal code sequence to minimize labor and postal cost. Pre- and post-modules were created around the Indigo data integration server and the data could then be automatically delivered to the printers. In two weeks the solution was delivered and large amounts of data were being managed in a more secure, reliable, and timely manner.

Another Adeptia client, a Fortune 27 company and leading provider of high-speed DSL Internet access services, needed to deploy a Customer Resource Management (CRM) system to better target business accounts. Data transfer varied from real-time, scheduled, and one-shot transactions throughout multiple legacy systems. The client began by trying to write custom code interfaces to load into the new CRM system but found this task to be difficult and time consuming. They turned to Adeptia and Indigo, therefore reducing the custom code needed to manage the data loads.

Utilizing Flux for automation power and reliability, Adeptia is offering new ways for businesses to more efficiently manage data and maximize productivity.

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