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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

March, 2018

time expressions and business calendars flux job scheduler and batch processing

Time Expressions and Business Calendars

Time expressions are simple, compact, textual representations of time- and date-based schedules. Time expressions are used in several places throughout Flux (including engine configuration options as well as trigger and action properties) to specify when and how often particular tasks will execute on the Flux scheduling engine. Time expressions make it easy to instruct workflows […]

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jobs as code flux job scheduling and file transfer


Jobs-as-Code denotes a capability of maintaining application workflows, workloads, and jobs as software artifacts that can be managed using existing version control and deployment toolchains. Today most workload automation tools maintain their definitions and executions in proprietary tools and formats that are not amenable to standard development and deployment practice. Some examples of common workflows […]

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automated job scheduler basics flux workload automation

Automated Job Scheduler Basics

From Scheduling Tasks to Automating Jobs Scheduling tasks in organizations is a common need. Grouping these tasks into cohesive units called ‘jobs’ and then automating these jobs allows IT staff to manage thousands of individual tasks with higher levels of quality, reliability, and productivity. Automating job scheduling reduces manual interventions and unnecessary delays while increasing […]

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