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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

April, 2017

managed file transfer mft flux

5 Best Practices in Managed File Transfer

Must-Have’s for Trouble-Free File Transfers When you embark on a new managed file transfer project or you just want to review your existing file transfer processes, here are 5 things for you to review in order to make your system more trustworthy to everyone involved and to create smoothly running processes that require minimal human […]

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flux cockpit user interface

Announcing Flux 8.0.13

Flux 8.0.13 continues Flux’s commitment to providing strong value within a reasonably priced solution to the workflow marketplace. Flux 8.0.13 improvements simplify the development, deployment, migration, and monitoring of your enterprise’s batch processes. Its new user interface, named ‘Flux Cockpit,’ offers a lean, flat, and consistent user experience. Default settings and new layout features allow […]

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