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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

November, 2016

workload automation wla ema radar

Flux Listed as a Strong Value in 2016 EMA Workload Automation Radar Report

In today’s world, there are more technological tools than ever. This makes it possible to enjoy a higher level of file orchestration and automation. WLA (workload automation) can lead to a lower amount of time spent on tasks and a lower cost of deployment. Flux was recently listed as a WLA strong value in the […]

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managed file transfer mft

Managed File Transfer – What You Need to Know About MFT

Our lives and information exist in the form of data. If an individual or an organization gets their hands on our files, they can disrupt our personal lives, or in the case of companies, competitors or hackers could use the information to significantly damage business. For this very reason, businesses need to understand how to […]

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