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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

July, 2016

Can Flux call on external executables?

It is very typical for someone looking at a file orchestration system like Flux to already have a suite of “home grown” scripts that they’ve been using, or other external executables. The common question that comes from this is: Can Flux call on and orchestrate these external executables that are already in place? TL;DR: Absolutely! […]

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How to maintain and care for your Flux environment

Many organizations run Flux environments in mission-critical systems. The following outlines some basic documents and tasks that help support the overall care and maintenance of a Flux environment. Documenting a Flux Environment The following information should be kept in an editable document, reviewed quarterly, and made available to Flux Support Personnel when requested for assisting […]

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When processes require running as another user (RunAs User)

There are instances where processes – such as database scripts (not just SQL statements) and operating system commands – require running under a different user than the user, or the service account, that is running Flux. Java provides no means to start processes as a different user than the one that started the Java virtual […]

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Flux 7.11 gets performance boost from new release

Flux is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Flux 7.11.5. Depending on customer use case, this release can be expected to improve performance 20 – 200%. New for 7.11.5: Support for the HSQL in-memory database Compatability with Java 7 and Java 8 Improved performance of SFTP file transfers and overall engine performance Full release […]

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