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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

October, 2015

Making Flux workflow’s reusable

One of the most popular features of Flux is the ability to make workflows reusable by using namespaces and runtime variables. The Flux engine, at the time a workflow is submitted to an engine namespace, assigns values to workflows designed with runtime variables. Workflow runtime variables receive the values of namespace variables, making the workflows […]

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Flux can use TSQL and Stored Procedures to schedule database jobs

Recently, an IT Consulting Service asked Flux about how the Flux job scheduler interacts with a database. The main question that was asked was: can Flux schedule database jobs by using TSQL or Stored Procedures for databases such as SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Oracle? And also, what type of database level details can Flux […]

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Flux orchestrates over 500 scripts for retail SaaS provider

Flux recently helped a large retail SaaS provider migrate 500+ shell scripts to Flux 8.0. Automating a few batch scripts is easy.  Keeping track of over 500 is a bit more of a challenge. The workflows were easy — timed events coordinated across a dozen time zones triggering existing shell scripts (which Flux refers to […]

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New updates and features in Flux 8.0.11

Flux 8.0.11 is here, and with it comes a host of performance and usability features: Flux 8.0.11 will now support the compilation and execution of Jasper Reports, a robust and open source Java reporting system that is available with commercial support options from TIBCO. Since Jasper reports can be executed through the command line, they […]

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