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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

September, 2015

Flux uses workflows to orchestrate EDI

Flux was recently contacted by a company in the B2B EDI business. This company has an algorithm to transform file types, but needs assistance in other areas like workflow, monitoring directories and managing files. Their basic needs from Flux are: Monitor a directory, detect any files needing transfer, move file then delete file. Monitor a remote […]

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Flux helps IT teams orchestrate their ETL processes

How Flux manages complex ETL scripting with its file orchestrator Flux recently helped a large media and entertainment company who was looking for assistance orchestrating the execution of their suite of ETL scripts. The company uses Python scripts to run their ETL processes. This M&E company needs to be able to run multiple queries on […]

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Customers Are Migrating To Flux 8

A number of long-standing Flux customers  – some running on releases almost ten years old – have recently migrated to Flux 8. One top ten bank recently converted over 100,000 workflows to Flux 8. Flux 8.0.11 supports Java 7 and 8. And as always, Flux continues to develop and publish workflow examples to ease and […]

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