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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

July, 2014

3 Common Mistakes IT Managers Make that Cost Them Dearly

There are several mistakes IT managers make that create major issues that can kill reaching the benefits of enterprise workflows. However, as damaging as these mistakes can be, they’re actually fairly easy to fix – all it takes is a little effort to improve design processes. Here are some of the more common problems along […]

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It’s Just a Simple Matter of Programming

The buy vs. build dilemma How did I get into this mess? Sometimes customers come to us when they realize they are being held hostage to internally developed software or processes that address job scheduling and managed file transfers. Over the years they see these turn into a Frankenstein of code and manual interventions. How […]

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Automation for Changing Workloads

Flux and ETL One of the Use Cases for Flux Flux is used to create and execute automated workflows that involve a combination of steps and tasks across servers. Flux can initiate time-based schedules, batch jobs through scripting, interface with databases through SQL, and MFT (managed file transfer) activities through support of file transfer protocols […]

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Trigger Files – A Common Model to Initiate File Transfers

Simple workflow to initiate adhoc or on-demand file transfers Oftentimes we are asked what is the most effective way to initiate a file transfer. Our answer – it depends! But a common means of initiation is to have some executable process or customer software application prepare a file for transfer – and when that process […]

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