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Job Scheduling and File Transfer

April, 2003

Wellogic Employs Flux as Basis for Scheduling Service

Flux activates the transformation and delivery of information from one healthcare application to another in the Synapse Scheduling Service. — Synapse Director of Engineering, Wellogic Wellogic provides healthcare integration solutions, clinical applications, and development consulting services to hospitals, healthcare practices, and other healthcare organizations. The Synapse Director of Engineering at Wellogic says, “We can provide […]

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Palisades Technology Partners

Consulting firm uses Flux to alleviate scheduling demands for clients   You answer to a top-ten mortgage lender. Your job is to build a precise system to transfer data between disparate systems on a scheduled basis. Your consulting firm needs to deliver the solution on a timely basis for a competitive price. How do you […]

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UserMagnet Chooses Flux to Manage Enterprise Content Delivery

We chose to use Flux because we recognized Flux as a leader in the Java community. We trusted their good name and trusted their work. “We want to help our customers engage their users in valuable, long-lasting e-loyalty relationships,” says Mike Sick, UserMagnet’s Vice President of Development. As Sick knows, providing useful tools to e-business […]

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Documentum’s Content Distribution Services

Job Scheduling Serves Universal Business Models Documentum, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM), has over a decade of experience providing solutions to create, manage, deliver, and archive unstructured content. Building on these strengths, an increasing challenge for Documentum’s Global 2000 customer base was how to leverage the value of a powerful enterprise content […]

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TWO COOL: Java Technology Powers a Pair of Cool Applications

From Sims Computing’s Flux Enterprise Job Scheduler Computer job scheduling has been with us since 1960s-era mainframe systems, and was later more well established by the Unix(r) platform’s cron facility. In a nutshell, job scheduling is simply a matter of executing the correct task, on the correct day, and at the correct time. But […]

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