3 Common Mistakes IT Managers Make that Cost Them Dearly

There are several mistakes IT managers make that create major issues that can kill reaching the benefits of enterprise workflows. However, as damaging as these mistakes can be, they’re actually fairly easy to fix – all it takes is a little effort to improve design processes. Here are some of the more common problems along with their solutions.

Communication Issues

Far too many times, IT managers either fail to ask internal and external customers for enough details or they fail to listen to them. They don’t ask for specifics when they hear something that doesn’t sound right during the customer interview, or when they move on to another question they fail to follow up. Another big mistake is not acting quickly enough when a customer says that time is of the essence, or trying to force a type of workflow on a customer that he or she doesn’t want.

Not Utilizing the Enterprise’s Resources Properly

IT managers are simply asking for trouble if they don’t know the business purpose of a workflow, and they delegate to some business analyst to do it for them. They can also underutilize resources; for example, failing to talk to a customer about how to structure a workflow the right way so they can get through their process the fastest and easiest way possible.

Failing to Get the Proper Training

This is probably the biggest mistake that an IT manager can make – one that could eventually negatively impact their career. If you’re using customers as guinea pigs, you might as well start looking for a new line of work. There is way too much information and knowledge available today in workflow and scheduling best practices to require one to resort to experimentation. It takes work and effort to get knowledgeable, but the payback is improved customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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