10 Things You Should Know to Integrate, Orchestrate, then Celebrate

Enterprise Scheduling and File Transfer

Need to Integrate, Orchestrate, and Celebrate Your File Processes? Here’s 10 Things You Should Know.

It’s work …whatever industry or environment you work with… sooner or later…. IT WILL CATCH UP TO YOU…

Short cuts. Mistakes rushing to meet deadlines. Manual interventions. Struggles maintaining custom code. Late SLAs. No prioritization of scheduling jobs. Delays. Errors. Oh the terror!

BNY Mellon and MetLife need to get things done reliably and consistently; just like you! They use Flux.

Improve your file transfers and job scheduling performance quicker and easier than ever:

1. Be King of the Hill

Flux is more than a job scheduler. It can stand alone or be embedded. It integrates job scheduling, workflow, manages file transfers, database and web service access and processes automation to address file processing at enterprise scales.

2. Switzerland – platform agnostic

Flux can be downloaded and installed in minutes on to Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac. All Flux requires is a Java virtual machine.

3. A monkey could do it.

No disrespect intended to our simian friends, but Flux is highly intuitive and easy to use. Design, deploy your workflows using a web-browser drag-and-drop visual interface. No cryptic command lines or installations to maintain.

4. Do your workflows on Cloud 9.

Yes, Flux can easily be installed on laptop, virtual machines, dedicated servers and in the cloud. Flux supports mixing and matching of the platforms.

5. Simplify.

Reduce your staff’s duties and errors by allocating resources on demand, making real-time decisioning through its workflows. Trigger a wide range of automated responses on events or schedule jobs using date and time based executions.

6. Break it down.

Flux supports clustering on multiple servers. There is no single point of failure in the cluster. If one server goes down, that server’s duties are automatically and seamlessly moved to the other servers in the cluster.

7. Police and Control

Ensure security and auditing compliance with extensive built-in security and auditing capabilities. Send and receive, decrypt and encrypt, PGP encrypted files.

8. Scale up or down

Flux is engineered to scale individual workflows to hundreds of steps. Run thousands of workflows across a cluster of workflow engines and. Load balance works across engines in a Flux Cluster.

9. Save time driving to the event.

Event driven scheduling can reduce the time it takes to run a schedule by 40-50% over manual or time-based scheduling. It knows when a file arrives, a process ends, when a job completes or does not and immediately goes to the next job across all operating systems.

10. Orchestrate Workflows to precision.

Improve your customer’s response times and reduce your resolution times via web service calls, e-mail notifications, audit trails, and automated recovery processes.

In Closing

Since 2000, Flux has evolved into a robust and flexible file orchestration platform addressing the complete needs of a diverse customer set.